Monday, February 14, 2011

Week of January 17, 2011

From Cinda:

                  Monday was just Karen and I.  Nice supervision time, then I sent out an e-mail to everyone how's expressed an interest in volunteering (seven folks!) and will send follow-up e-mails a couple of times before the "big day" – January 27th.  This also went to the Board, so we hope most of them will also attend.  We also did a little cleaning up of the Gender Center, and some cleaning up on the web site (broken link, outdated material) and I'm looking for a nice tri-fold template for a new pamphlet we're putting together.  We talked about the Gold Rush.  The Gill Grant is off, too!
                Tuesday Karen and I went over what needs to be covered at the volunteer training.  I took notes and will do a final polish on that this weekend.  I'm working on the pamphlet for our services, too.  Now that is off to Karen to look over.  Miranda came in as well!
                Thursday, we met at Restaurant King for the team meeting.  Looks like I will be trying to get the Denver Foundation Grant done by February 1st.

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