Monday, January 17, 2011

Week of January 10, 2011

From Anne:

This week Karen and I spent some time talking about the upcoming Gold Rush and the Clinical Track. It seems that it is all coming together nicely!  Although there had not been as many people registered for the Clinical track as we would like, we are both hopeful that with a big, final push for enrollment, we can help convince clinical professionals how important it is to be culturally competent when working with this population. Kate came by the Gender Center and we all tossed around some ideas on how to approach the Gold Rush this year. It is difficult to insight a desire to learn about a new population when the public has become complacent in their knowledge. Keeping our hopes up and our fingers crossed! 

From Cinda:

Monday, given the snow we just had, and the bad roads, we closed the Gender Center's open hours today.  I used the time to work from home, adding Karen's suggestions to the grant.  It is now ready to go to Kate tomorrow!  I also added our volunteer training information to the web site and typed up my notes on what needs to be covered.  I need to send those to Karen tomorrow as well.  And, lastly, I started pulling together the information for a tri-fold pamphlet that we can give those who come in asking about our clinical services.

Tuesday it was back to the Gender Center.  Karen is home today, but Anne is going to drop by after an appointment so I won't be spending the day alone.  I sent off the grant to Kate, caught up on the blog, and posted that material, then polished the notes for the volunteer training and sent that off to Karen.  Lastly, I listed out my hours so I could see what kind of surplus I had when I started the winter quarter.  Miranda came by with the printer, but it is being pesky.  Looks like it'll need a try to the printer doctor…

Wednesday, I did some general organizing for the winter quarter.  Came up with a list of several mini projects to do for the Gender Center, updated calendar and the like.

Thursday was our team meeting.  Miranda was running a little late so I didn't get a chance to chat with her, but Karen and I had a good talk.  Anne was home sick – feel better!

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