Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week of December 13, 2010

From Anne:

Another busy week! Several drops ins and members came by to catch up and share their holiday plans. This can be a difficult time of year for several of our clients who feel unsupported by people in their lives, so it’s particularly important that we are here as a source of support.

Courtney , the transgender advocate at The Center came by to meet with Kate about plans for The Center and Gender Identity Center for the new year. Courtney is going to be more involved with the Gender Identity Center in the coming year and has even been elected as the newest board member. Her knowledge and heart for this work has been so evident at the Center and we are thrilled to have her  on the board!

From Cinda:

Monday Karen, Anne and I were here and we had a full house!  Our volunteer was here and a lot of folks dropped in.  I realized some stuff we need to look up, but we're having internet issues and I'm off-line until Quest comes and fixes the problem tomorrow.  Monday night I came back for group and there was three of us.

Tuesday, Karen and I were here, although Karen had to leave early.  A volunteer was here, too.  She dropped off some dishes, soup and nibbles – whoohoo!  Still off-line… grumble, and waiting for Quest, who keep pushing the appointment time later and later… big grumble.

Thursday, Karen and Anne and I were here, stuffing envelopes for a mailing.  I'm used to doing this for a volunteer organization back when I was living in Atlanta so we developed a rhythm pretty quickly!  It was also nice to be able to talk and ask questions about clinical practice.  A couple of drop in stopped by as well, so it was a productive day.

Friday was much like Thursday.  We haven't really developed a "typical" day around here, but I really appreciate the time and space to ask questions about being a social worker in general and a transgender ally in particular.  Being gender variant, but not transsexual, this has been a tremendous learning experience for me.  I've decided that I really appreciate the range of diversity when it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation.

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