Friday, December 10, 2010

Week of December 6, 2010

From Anne:

This was a busy week at the Gender Identity Center. It seems that drop in hours are really starting to pick up. Several current, active members stopped by to enjoy the Christmas lights and visit with each other and some brand new faces also came in this week!  We were able to get to know the new visitors and help them access some great community resources.

There was also a big meeting at The Center this week, where community leaders and members got together to discuss new ideas, concerns and goals for the upcoming year. Much talk has been centered around bullying of LGBT youths as well as suicides in this community that has been in the news lately. Even though some goals change, education and tolerance stay constant.

From Cinda:

Monday at the GIC.  We had planned to do a sewing day at the Gender Center, but it fell through.  I couldn't afford fabric and a pattern, but I had brought a pair of pants that I needed to hem.  Since we didn't sew, I ended up putting up the information on volunteers and education on the website.  Monica dropped in as well.

Tuesday, Kate, Karen and I met with a representative from the Gill Foundation.  Looks like I'll be involved with the grant writing process, which is exciting (and a little scary) for me.  I have wanted to learn how to do grants and this will be an opportunity to do so, so I'm grateful.  Our deadline is January 15th so it'll also be happening pretty quickly.

Thursday it was just Anne and I.  One of our volunteers also came and hung out with us.  Turns out we have two more potential volunteers who e-mailed as well.  I managed to get the volunteer form up, but there is a bug when you try and send it to my e-mail account.  I e-mailed Beth on that.

Friday is was Anne and I again, with a volunteer.  A photographer and a member up at the Lambda Community Center in Fort Collins also dropped in.  Nice lady!  And great photographer.  She is going to send us some photos of the 2009 Gold Rush and 2010 Denver Pride so we can put them up online.  So, watch for those to appear.  I worked on the blog and asked Kate about the problem with the volunteer form.  Anne and I got the information up for the clinical track at Gold Rush, now we need Kate to add us to the registration page!

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