Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week of November 29, 2010

From Anne:
This week I began collecting information on social services agencies in surrounding counties. Our goal is to contact and have participation from close communities, but also the counties that are more isolated and smaller. If one social service worker  is educated in this clinical track, that could potentially change the culture of her department, her agency and influence the quality of care given to transgender individuals seeking care there.

From Cinda:

Monday at the Gender Center was exciting.  Karen and I meet with Kate and Courtney from The LGBT Center, talking about ways we can collaborate.  I think it's great that we and the LGBT Center are finding ways to help each other.  I'm looking forward to the Transgender Job Fair that The Center will be hosting in May, 2011.  It sounds like it's going to be a great opportunity for gender variant folks to find employment and to hone work search skills.  I came back to facilitate the Monday night open forum support group, but Spring Marie was already here (thank you, Spring!), so she and I chatted for a little bit and then I headed home.

Tuesday was quite, although we had several folks drop in today, which was wonderful.  I sent Karen the draft of the volunteer page for the website, and the first pass on the resource manual.  I also completed the form for my field liaison, and will print and bring it for Karen to sign on Thursday.  While everyone was sitting and talking, I added the volunteer page to the website with Beth's help.  It was rather fun since Beth was on Facebook and we IMed so I could ask questions.

Wednesday, more reading in the new text book.

Thursday back at the Gender Center.  Anne and I cleaned up a little, then tried to see if we could get to the holiday decorations out in the storage unit.  Unfortunately they are well and truly buried.  We had a volunteer student here from UCD.  She is going to help us with the resource manual, calling to be sure that the information online is correct.

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