Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week of October 18, 2010

From Anne:

Still getting settled in at the new location and everything is going great! The landlords are spectacular and have made us feel right at home. The neighbors have also been welcoming. There’s still quite a bit of work to do! A lot of organizing and putting together our new home.

Also this week, Cinda and I had the opportunity to meet with a woman who has been involved in the community for quite some time. She explained some of the transition process, as in names changes, finger printing, etc.  She also gave us some great advice about how to help get a new clinical program up and running, including a volunteer core, grant writing and building relationships within the community.

From Cinda:

Monday I posted my journal entries to the blog, then headed to campus for an advising meeting as part of the preregistration process.  Now I should be able to register for classes when my time comes up.  Then it was home to work on polishing the learning plan and the text for the web regarding volunteers.  I also needed to spend some time going through e-mails and putting appointments on my Google calendar so I don't forget anything!

Met with a terrific lady!  We talked at length about volunteers and other things that the Gender Center might do.  Too lots of notes!  Came home and did notes on a volunteer recruitment plan.  I need to brainstorm with Karen and Anne and folks at the Gender Center on where we might post fliers.

I reviewed my learning plan and added a couple of items, too.

On Tuesday we met at the new location – nice!  Karen and I reviewed the IFEP and looked over some of the stuff I've been working on – forms, web page material, volunteer recruitment plan, and tweaked them a little.  I need to go over those with Anne as well and talk to her about the forms.  Later Joan stopped by and we went over the IFEP.

Wednesday was spent editing the IFEP form.

Thursday was the first student night and it was interesting to see classmates at the Gender Center.  But it went well.  Friday at school I checked in with as many of the students as I could find, and the professor who also attended, and they all thought it went really well.  The one suggestion was to provide a Gender 101 handout before student night so they have more time to listen to the stories and ask questions.

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