Monday, October 18, 2010

Week of October 11, 2010

From Anne:

We found a home!! The new location, at 1151 S. Huron, is a perfect fit for us! After the board members approved the location, Kate signed the lease and we are moving in this week. Christopher Leach, who is a board member at The Center, also has a business selling office furniture, so I got to go on a shopping trip with Monica and Kate to pick out new furniture.  Then the movers  came to help us with the desks and the chairs….and I remembered how much for fun it is to pick furniture out, than it is to move it <grin>. 

From Cinda:

Monday turned out to be a medical day for me.  I dropped in to the Health Center on campus for MMR immunizations since I can't find my records.  Wednesday I got a flu shot.  Note to self, NEVER get two shots in the same week.  I was sick all day Thursday, but had to be in class anyway.  Ick.  Worst part was missing the Gender Center board meeting that Thursday night... grumble...

Tuesday I headed over to Panera to wait for Miranda, had a croissant and from fruit and looked around the Gender Center web page.  When forty minutes had passed I finally checked my e-mail and saw that she wasn't going to be able to make the meeting.  We rescheduled for Wednesday next week, at the new Gender Center center.  I headed home and read another chapter in Lev.

I started on the first draft of my learning plan.  This took a lot longer than I expected, in part because I'm not sure exactly what will be happening in open hours at the Gender Center, because we haven't had open hours yet!  I'm trying to figure out ways to guess broadly and have it make sense in the plan.  I'm glad Karen will look this over as I have a hunch I'll need to reword things.

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