Monday, October 18, 2010

Week of September 20, 2010

From Anne (second year intern from DU):

Karen and I got to spend some time talking this week about the goals for this year. We discussed my role in finding a new space for the Gender Identity Center as well as a clinical track to add to the Gold Rush Conference coming in February 2011. In the past, the Gold Rush has been a conference comprised of workshops geared toward the Transgender population that discussed mostly medical issues, surgery, hormones and other services. This year, we would like to add an additional track for helping professions, such as social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors, who would like to learn more about clinical care for the Transgender population.  We discussed a number of different topics that would be important for professionals working with our population to have competencies in. Karen’s idea is to co-op practicing professionals in the area, who are experts in this field, and having each of them run a one hour workshop for a total of two days of education. I will be working with DORA to see if we will be able to offer the professionals who attend the clinical track continuing education units. I will also be working on marketing this event to clinicians and students in Denver and outlying areas.

From Cinda (first year intern from DU):

          Monday started out at the Denver Zoo.  Karen and Anne and I had the chance to walk through the zoo and get to know one another as well as ask questions and just chat.  It was an enjoyable morning.  We headed into the grill to grab lunch and sat for a couple of hours, talking.  Then it was back out to see the baby tigers - too cute!  We didn't wrap up until nearly 3 in the afternoon, but I have to say I enjoyed the entire day.
Tuesday Karen and I met to look over my education plan, as well as discuss what, exactly, I'm be doing this quarter.  I was able to ask questions that have come up for me reading the Lev text, as well as others that emerged out of the conversation.  I really appreciated the chance to get my questions answered.  I came away with a list of things to do.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday I started in on the list.  First was a quick look at various blog-hosting spots.  I was looking for ones with minimal or no ads, easy to use, and easy to edit.  Blogspot fit the bill.  I set up an account to play around and I think this will work just fine for us.  Now I need to ask some questions about what we want on the homepage.  I also looked at a few websites for organizations that utilize volunteers in ways that we envision and checked out their info.  I think I have some good guidelines to work from for creating a policy and forms, which I hope I can do this week.  Still waiting for contact information from some of the Gender Center board, I'm shooting Kate an e-mail on that next.
I'm finding the Lev book to be a really great learning source and I'm trying to get a chapter done each week.  I'm also starting to see how to tie the skills class into my work at the GIC, which is really nice.  That class is definitely the most immediate applicable.

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