Monday, October 18, 2010

Week of October 4, 2010

From Anne:

Cinda, Karen and I met with Courtney, the Transgender Advocate from the Center for lunch this week. She has a lot of good ideas for ways to grow our programming while co-oping with other organizations around town that serve the LGBT population. For a new agency, it’s important to not only build clientele, but also good relationships with other organizations around town. There is a LOT of cross over in clients, staff and board members with the Gender Identity Center, The Center and One Colorado. Looking forward to building relationships with other folks in this community.
From Cinda:

Started off Monday with a meeting with Courtney, Karen and Anne.  We met a DNote from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and had a great conversation about what The Center is doing with regard to transgender issues.  Collaboration and cooperation were key concepts that we all embraced.  With luck we will be involved with some of The Center's activities, which will give me a broader view into transgender community and the issues that are important.
Tuesday I had planned to meet with a longtime member of the community at 10 in the morning, but at 7:30-ish Jody came running into my room with the announcement:  Come quick!  The sink is backing up and I can't keep up!  We bailed for about an hour before we could get a maintenance man to come look.  He went though the apartment building, banging on doors and telling folks above us to stop using the water.  Jody and I continued to bail.  Then a call to the plumber, but he won't be here for a couple of hours.  At least we could stop bailing around 10 since everyone had been told to stop using the water.  When the plumber arrived it turned into a major production with sink being removed so he had access to the wall and the pipe behind it…  It was a mess all day, but at least he was able to get it fixed.  The following day they brought in folks to replace the drywall, the sink and clean the carpets since we couldn't keep all the water from overflowing!  It was an adventure.

Read another chanter in Lev.  It's still taking a good chunk of time to get through each, but boy does she do a great job laying out the history and the various approaches.  This really is an invaluable text.  I created Word forms for volunteer and drop-in person sign in sheets.  Received contact information from Kate and I e-mailed Kim and Miranda.  Miranda and I have a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday to find out about the Gender Center web page.

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