Monday, March 21, 2011

Week of February 14, 2011

From Cinda:

Monday it's back to the usual routine.  There are now lots of small things that need to get done, so I plunged in to see how many we could accomplish today!  Straightened up the front desk drawers, started on the opening/closing procedures for the volunteers, caught up the blog and added Anne's entries, added Anne and I to the GIC webpage under interns, sent e-mail to the volunteers to sign up for March, worked on info on appointments, and talked with Karen about classes, student night and Gold Rush.  Tried to add a link to a blog on the web resources and discovered that I don't know how to do that.  So I e-mailed it to Beth and asked for instruction on how to accomplish that.  Back Monday night for open hours, but another facilitator was here.

Tuesday, back to the GIC.  I e-mailed myself the new demographics card and tried to see if I can fix it using Acrobat Pro, which I couldn't, but it was easy to do in Word, with a little tweaking.  But now we have demographic cards we can ask folks to fill out so we can collect anonymous data for grants!  Anne dropped in with her dog (Layla, who is too cute!) and we talked about me picking up some of the clinical stuff over the summer, which would be great.  She added her description to the "current interns," too.  I'd like to get some more clinical practice before next year.  Geno and I held down the fort after Karen had to leave.

Wednesday, I scanned in the visitor sign-in sheets so we'll have a record.

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