Monday, March 21, 2011

Week of February 28, 2011

From Cinda:

Monday I was in all alone…  This place can be too quiet!  I cleared my e-mail, coordinated some with my community group-mates, since we're working on unequal access to shelter beds among transgender homeless.  I also input the demographics cards, and the visitor sign-in sheets from February so I can scan in the February pages on Wednesday.  I also added the data for the phone logs.  Then, Geno arrived!  Cool, it's just too quiet here alone!  I learned how to forward and un-forward the phone as well – I'm so proud!

Tuesday, back to the GIC!  More data entry today, as well as several phone calls, which was nice.  I created blurbs to hopefully recruit more volunteers, and clients for clinical hours.  Did some supervision and made some plans for the spring quarter, which is only a month away. 

Wednesday I scanned in the visitor sign-in sheets for February, and all of the phone logs through the end of February.

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