Monday, April 18, 2011

Week of April 11, 2011

From Cinda:

Monday, I started the morning with a chat with Karen and Anne, then a missed appointment at 12:30.  I was able to get the blog updated and looked over stuff for my meeting with Joan on Thursday.  We also had a brief moment of panic when we couldn't fine our data, but that was quickly resolved.

Tuesday I was in to see a client for an hour, then off to class!

Wednesday was DAP note day!  These get easier to do with time.

Thursday I was only back at the Gender Center to meet with Karen and my field liaison, the last meeting for this year, which is kind of scary.  It's almost over, and I know I am going to miss it.  The folks here are really wonderful and I will miss the staff, volunteers and clients.  Luckily I will be able to spend some of my summer here!

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