Monday, April 25, 2011

Week of April 18, 2011

From Cinda: 

Monday, I came in and did the usual start up routine—unforward the phone, check for voice messages, logged in on the volunteer spreadsheet, signed in and filled out my card…  Then it's time to eat before I start seeing clients.  Trying to find a way to eat lunch when I'm taking the bus from campus to the Gender Center is a trick.  It can't really be done, so I have to garb something here as fast as I can.

Wednesday it was DAP notes time!  I'm getting better at taking notes when I'm with a client, which means I have more to do when I write up the DAP notes.  Doing the notes is teaching me a lot.

Thursday it's back to the GIC.  I had a wonderful time talking to Stephanie and our terrific volunteers.  We're starting to get a few inquires about volunteering so I hope that will pick up once we get to the end of the school quarter, semester, year…

Saturday I looked over the DAP notes and added a few things that reading them sparked.  Also went looking for LGBT bookstores to see if we can post flyers there for volunteers.

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